In addition to intergenerational gatherings, concerts, and dancing, we are hosting a number of fun opportunities to feed your heart & soles, engage in some tomfoolery, and just hang out.

Grand March

Every Grand Event starts with a GRAND MARCH, and what Event could possibly be more Grand than for 1,000+ of us -- from the North Sea to the Pacific Ocean -- to gather together in laughter, joy, dance, and song as we bid a not-so-fond farewell to 2020 and welcome in the New Year?

So dust off your bling and prepare to promenade en z00m, even if it's just from the kitchen to the living room, in celebration of NYE Sea to Sea 2020. We'll be looking for your finest royal wave as you walk by the webcam!

Heart and Soles

Tai Chi with Cis Hinkle (GA)

Atlanta DistDance z00mers have begun to make it a habit to show up half an hour early in order to take part in Cis Hinkle's abfab Tai Chi warm up exercise session. So naturally we begged Cis to bring her expertise to NYE Sea to Sea.

Prepare for your NYE marathon of dancing, music, and tomfoolery by doing some gentle movements that will get your joints lubricated and your muscles warmed up for the night ahead.

Chocolate Tasting with Lalah Manly (GA)

Join Lalah Manly for an informal and tasty romp through the 16 different single-source chocolates found in the Single Estate Chocolate Bar Tasting Box available through We'll talk about where chocolate comes from, how it is made, and what you can learn by slowing down to really taste what's going on in your mouth when you sit with each bar.

Story Sharing with Bev Bernbaum (ON)

Come and just listen or come to share a funny true story related to dance, music, song, or New Year's Eve. Bev Bernbaum will moderate to give as many people as possible time to participate. She'll lead off with the story about calling a "Farm Dance at the Orthodox Jewish Girls School!" Be ready to laugh out loud!

Poetry for the Year to Come with Lynn Ungar (WA)

Join poet/dancer Lynn Ungar for a time of sharing poems to bring us hope and strength for the coming year. Bring a favorite poem--yours or written by someone else--to share, or just come to listen to words that can set the stage for 2021.

Hands Four: Palm Reading and Relationships with Lisa Archer (CO)

Have you ever wondered what the lines in your palm represent? Come learn about the major lines and fingerprint patterns and what they say about how you interact with the world and others. We'll look at the three major lines - Head, Heart and Life lines - and the three main fingerprint patterns to find ways to better understand and relate to each other in this energetic dance of life.

Sharing Gratitude with CFOOTMAD (CO)

Join the Colorado Friends of Old Time Music and Dancing (CFOOTMAD) as they ring in the Mountain Time New Year. All who join will have the (optional!) opportunity to share what we are thankful for and what we want to welcome into our lives in 2021 - and beyond.

Sing and Jam

Song Circle: Singing for Amity and Unity with Frieda Enoch (MD) and Fred Stollnitz (MD)

Join us in singing songs of love for our partner, for our family, for our community, for our country, for humanity, and for a better world!

Frieda will get us started by leading a few of her favorite songs, with the lyrics shared on the screen so that everyone can sing along. Then we'll go around the virtual room as many times as we can, giving each participant an opportunity to lead or request a song (or just pass) in each round.

You may lead or request any song that fits the theme. If you would like us to share the lyrics on the screen, please email those lyrics to no later than December 30 unless the song is already on the list at

If you plan to lead a song, you should know how to locate the Zoom Audio settings on your device so that you can turn off "Automatically adjust microphone volume," enable Original Sound, and turn on "High fidelity music mode." If Zoom is running in Windows, you should also turn off "Signal processing by Windows audio device drivers" in Zoom's "Advanced" Audio settings. We can help you if you join the session 5 or 10 minutes before the scheduled starting time.

Community Sing: World in Harmony with Elizabeth Melvin (MD)

During World in Harmony we'll sing a variety of rounds, chants, layer songs and 4-part harmonies from around the corner and around the world. Songs will be taught in the oral tradition, through call and response, with lyrics posted in the Chat. You won't be able to hear each other, but Elizabeth will have backing tracks to give you the full experience of harmony. Come celebrate the New Year in song!

Beatles Sing-along with Peter Turner (FL)

All Together Now! It has been a Hard Days Night so join us as we Come Together out in the Norwegian Wood, channel our inner Day Tripper, and spend an hour singing all of our favorite Beatles songs (1963 to 1969). Roll Over Beethoven!

Don't know all the words? No problem! During this session Pete will post the lyrics in Chat so that you can sing along (on mute) as he leads the group.

Portland Collection Roulette Jam with David Brown (CA)

We'll take turns leading a tune while everyone else mutes and plays along. Flip open your tattered copy of Portland Collection Volume 1 to a random page and rediscover a tune you haven't thought of in a while - if you don't see anything you like, flip again. It's OK to pass, play a tune chosen in a non-random way, or request a tune to be led by someone else.

All genres and all instruments welcome (no worries about the horns drowning out the mandolin...), although banjo players should be prepared to retune -- this may be all the justification you need to acquire a few more banjos!

Ideally you should already know how to enable Original Sound and locate the z00m Audio settings on your device so that you can turn off "Automatically adjust microphone volume." Mobile clients have an option to enable the use of Original Sound that should be set before joining the meeting.


There are four ways to Socialize during NYE Sea to Sea

1. Stop by the "Check In Table" (aka the event Lobby/Main Hall) and talk with the NYE Sea to Sea co-hosts and whoever else is hanging out there.

2. Use the chat window to "direct" or "everyone" chat with other people in whatever event you are currently attending.

3. Arrange with friends to meet for a private, face-to-face chat in any one of the twelve individual breakout room locations listed below:

    • Water Fountain
    • Flyer Table
    • Kitchen
    • Massage Tent
    • Stage
    • Bleachers
    • Corner Alcove
    • Vendors' Hall
    • Buffet
    • Sound Closet
    • Shoe Cleaning Station
    • Back Porch

4. Drop in on one of the breakout rooms listed below for topic-specific conversations:

    [Topics TBA]


Fun & Adventures with the Historical Tea and Dance Society (CA)

"With us, it's always a little bit of an adventure!"

No room to dance? No problem! Looking for something a little different? We've got you covered! Want a cup of tea? Make it yourself!

Join the HTDS as they bring some silliness to this festive evening with a mini-version of one of their most popular Tea Social celebrations: "The Adventurers Club." What's on offer? A little merriment, a little music, a little dancing, and a lot of fun!

ECD Bingo with Lisa Brown (NY)

Lisa Brown has created ECD Bingo games using English country dance steps. This is a fun event which doesn't require familiarity with English dancing, though that certainly adds to the enjoyment. Expect a bit of Dance History, mixed with chatting and the thrill of having all but one of your bingo squares filled in, as you wait for the next element to be called!

Bingo registration is now closed.

Monkeyshines with Seth Tepfer (GA) and Janine Smith (MD)

What happens when you lock Callers Janine Smith and Seth Tepfer in a z00m room together and dare them to come up with a game never tried on z00m before? Well, how about No Walk Through Dutch Crossing meets Yodeling Seated Grid Squares?

Come spend 20 minutes with two of the funniest, most creative callers on the national circuit and see what they have on offer. We Double Dutch dare you!

Boggle-ish with Pam Eidson (GA) and Kalia Kliban (CA)

Words. Like 'em ? So do we. Like finding them snaking their way through other letters?

Join our breakout room on New Year's Eve to ferret out the best uses of the "ess" and the most anagrams in the fewest letters. Casual play with novices and advanced players. No scoring; just bragging points. Five-letter minimum. Camera will be aimed at an analog 5x5 board for you to jot down your finds.

Last year at Terpsichore's Holiday, lots of people wandered in and grabbed pen and paper. You can, too!

The Process:
    • Three-minute timer.
    • Five-letter minimum.
    • No proper nouns.
    • Scrabble rules apply (use online arbiter here)
    • Jot your finds on paper (first choice) or type in your other monitor.
    • We then start with one person saying Words Found.
    • Then others chime in with words not mentioned yet.
    • Style points. No extra points for being first.

The Leaders:
    • Pam Eidson: Contradancer, editor, English major, word aficionado,
           cruciverbalist, creator.
    • Kalia Kliban: English Dance Goddess and word shark.

Code Names with Luke Donforth (VT)

Ever thought that neighbor you were swinging looked familiar, but you couldn't quite place them? Maybe they're a long-lost Flurry friend; or maybe they're a secret agent!

Come join a team and try to guess the code words your spy master is trying to lead you to. What could go wrong? Well... besides that assassin...

We'll teach the quick-to-learn game Code Words and play online (no account necessary to join). Even if you don't want to commit to playing, come kibitz as an "innocent bystander".

Site for game:
Audio/video chat in zOOm

Scattergories with Bev Bernbaum (ON)

All you need is a writing implement, a piece of paper and your creative thinking. You'll get a randomly assigned letter of the alphabet, 12 categories and 2 minutes on a timer to write down a word for each category starting with that letter. First person to finish wins the round! Bev Bernbaum will share her screen to run the random generator.

Contra Jeopardy with Seth Tepfer (GA)

Hands Four for $600 Alex.... Have you ever thought that you could nail Jeopardy if only the questions were about Dance instead of "Potent Potables" and "Fruits and Vegetables?" Well, here's your chance!

Jokes (Open Mic) with Janet Shepherd (GA)

Why will the chicken cross the road? To join Janet Shepherd for a open mic session of silliness, wordplay, limericks, knock-knocks, lightbulbs, perhaps a bawdy song or daft ditty, and the countdown to (EST) midnight. Since all ages are welcome, we will try to keep to PG-13 and lighter. Come on over and get your giggle on.

Party Games with Christa Torrens (CO)

Join Colorado Friends of Old Time Music and Dance [CFOOTMAD]'s host Christa Torrens to socialize and play interactive party games like Charades and TriBond. No experience necessary, just bring your sense of fun!