Balfolk (EST)

7:30 -


Leader: Leslie Barr (MD)

"Balfolk" means dancing! It is an umbrella term originally used during the folk revival in 1970's France to distinguish a traditional dance from other kinds of social dances.

Now "balfolk" is used all over Europe to mean a dance event with mostly French traditional dances, all done in a new way. Some, like bourrées, are ages old; others, like waltzes, were the hot new thing in the late 19th century; and still others just arrived on the scene. Partner dances, circle dances, line dances - all are fun and easy to do.

Don't worry if you've never even heard of balfolk before! At our Zoom Balfolk, all the dances will be taught.

Balfolks don't have callers, but once the music starts you'll still be able to watch and follow along with our dance leaders if you'd like. But no worries - everyone on this side of the Atlantic is just learning these great dances!

If you don't feel like dancing, you can hang out and listen to the fabulous live French music - we've rounded up bagpipers, hurdy-gurdy players, accordionists, and fiddlers from all over to play for us. Musicians can even play along (muted, please) if you'd like to try some new tunes.

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