Scandi/Salsa (EST)

Scandi: 7:50 - 10:30
Salsa, Shuffle, & Slide: 10:45 - 12:05

This part of the evening is hosted by Scandia DC

7:50 -


Norwegian Reinlender, Swedish Schottis, and Swedish Snoa variants by Linda Brooks (Scandia DC Director)

8:20 -


Set 1
Spelmannslag set* led by Loretta Kelley (fiddle)

* Musicians can join in on mute. Sheet music is available at

8:40 -


Set 2
Norwegian hardanger fiddle by Loretta Kelley

9:00 -


Set 3
Fiddle by Bruce Sagan

9:30 -


Set 4
Nyckelharpa by Sonia White

10:00 -


Set 5
Fiddle by Andrea Hoag

This part of the evening is hosted by DanceInTime

10:45 -


Salsa, Shuffle, & Slide with DanceInTime
Leader: Barbara Bernstein (MD)

• • EST NYE toast at Midnight • •

This session will feature dance company ( director Barbara Bernstein explaining basic Salsa. She'll teach footwork to Salsa music that creates a solo dance routine and explain how those steps apply to partnership dancing. So you'll learn a cute solo routine and you'll also be able to hit the floor with your favorite dance partner when the pandemic is over!

Adding to the festivities, Barb will teach the Cupid Shuffle and Electric Slide, two popular line dances. These dances are often done at receptions and festive events so they're good to know by heart!

Greater detail on the dance steps is available to review at:

1. Cupid Shuffle
A country dancer explains how to do the Cupid Shuffle.

8 beats to right; 8 beats to left; 8 beats in place; 8 beats to turn. Repeat!

2. Electric Slide
This has people doing electric slide to unusual country music but the instruction at the start of the video is well explained.

4 beats to right, 4 beats to left, 4 beats back, 4 beats leaning forward and back, (just) 2 beats to turn. Repeat.

3. Salsa

The rhythm of Salsa is quick quick slow
so we step on beats 1, 2, 3 and 5, 6, 7.

a. Basic Step
Starting position: stand straight, knees slightly bent, feet parallel and close together. When the man is stepping forward on his left, the lady is stepping back on the right since they are facing each other.

Note that the lady is the mirror image of the man. Hence the lady's movement starts with beat 5 in the chart below. She is always "4 beats" ahead of the man in terms of which step described below she is doing.

b. Side Rocks
This is done by stepping to the side (left for the man first and then right---right for the lady first and then left) instead of stepping forward and back. Other than this direction change it is identical to the basic step.