"... Games, & More!" Staff

We would like to thank the Volunteers who are making it possible to host a full slate of diverse party events this evening!

Heart & Sole

• Bev Bernbaum (ON): Story Sharing
• Cis Hinkle (GA): Tai Chi
• Lalah Manly (GA): Chocolate Tasting
• Lynn Ungar (WA): Poetry for the Year to Come


• Bev Bernbaum (ON): Scattergories
• Lisa Brown (NY): ECD Bingo
• Luke Donforth (VT): Code Names
• Pam Eidson (GA): Boggle-ish
• Joyce Evans (CA): Fun & Adventures
• Darlene Hamilton (CA): Fun & Adventures
• Larry Hansen (CA): Fun & Adventures
• Kalia Kliban (CA): Boggle-ish
• Janet Shepherd (GA): Open Mic Jokes
• Janine Smith (MD): Monkeyshines
• Seth Tepfer (GA): Monkeyshines
• Christa Torrens (CO): Party Games
• Lindsay Verbil (CA): Fun & Adventures
• Reed Wilson (CA): Fun & Adventures