Tech Support

Checking Your Zoom Version


  1. Open your z00m app
  2. Look in upper left corner of your computer screen and click on the app name (""), just to the right of the apple icon
  3. Select "About Zoom"
  4. A pop up window displaying the Version number will appear


  1. Open your z00m app
  2. Select your profile icon on the top-right corner of the screen
  3. Select 'Help', then 'About Zoom'
  4. A pop up window displaying the Version number will appear

Windows: Go to Help. About Zoom

Navigating Sea to Sea

There are 11 tracks on our Schedule:
     • Contra
     • ECD
     • Balfolk
     • Scandi / Salsa
     • Heart & Soles
     • Concerts
     • Sing & Jam
     • Tomfoolery
     • Intergenerational
     • Winter Weeks
     • Socializing

Each track will take place in a separate breakout room (or, in the case of Socializing, in multiple breakout rooms), named for its track, as above.

When you join the meeting, you will arrive in the NYE Sea to Sea Main Room.

From there, if your Z00m App is up to date enough you can self-select which track (breakout room) you want to join and move from track to track as you wish.

The Breakout Room list may take a long time to scroll through if the name of every person in each room is showing. To hide the list of people in a room, click on the small triangle next to that room's name. Once you have minimized each room, you will be able to more rapidly scroll between them to find the room you want to join.

NOTE: Even after updating, some devices (e.g. iPhone 5) will not allow people to self-select Breakout rooms. If this happens to you, send a "Chat" message to any Host or Co-host, let them know that you can't self-select, and tell them which track you want to move to next. They will send you to that breakout room.
(Note: You may see a pop-up box that asks you to Join the room. If you do, you will need to click the button in order to enter the new room).

Read More About It
Z00M support article: Participating in Breakout Rooms
(With individual instructions for Windows, macOS, Linux, iOS, Android, Telephone, Web, and Chrome OS).

Watch a Video (4:11)

"How to Attend a Z00m Event With Lots of Breakout Rooms Using a Laptop or Desktop Computer"
• Updating the z00m App
• Joining a z00m Meeting
• Z00m controls
• Navigating Breakout Rooms

Note about "Renaming:" The video above describes how to customize how your name appears on z00m. We will not have the self-rename function enabled during NYE Sea to Sea but you can ask a Host or Co-host to do it for you.

For Best Results

Use a Desktop or Laptop Computer:
Z00m can be used on computers, laptops, tablets, and phones. But it doesn't work equally well on all of them. In our collective experience, computers and laptops work best. Phones and tablets are liable to experience the most z00m limitations and glitches.

Use the Z00M app:
It is possible to access a z00m meeting via your internet browser but the user options are very limited.

Download / Install Z00M

How to return to the Main Room from any Track

1. Click the BLUE "Leave" button (bottom right of screen)
2. Then click the BLUE "Leave Room" button.

NOTE: If you click "Leave Meeting" by mistake, you will exit NYE Sea to Sea. When that happens, just rejoin the Party using the same link you used the first time.

How to get help

In the Main Room:
   • Using the Chat function, send a direct message to a Host or Co-host

In a Breakout Room:
   • Using the Chat function, Direct Message a Co-host or
   • Click the "Ask for Help" button or
   • Email an Organizer at or
   • Call or text the Organizers: 202-630-9088.

What does "click the three dots" mean?

In z00m, the 'three dots' icon = "more options available if you click here."

For example, if the "Breakout Rooms" icon does not appear on the main toolbar at the bottom/side of your computer / tablet screen near the "Leave Meeting" button, look for three dots instead. Clicking the three dots should reveal a dropdown menu that includes the Breakout Rooms option.

How to "Pin" another person's video

On a Computer/Laptop:
1. Click the "3 dots" in the upper right corner of the video you want to pin
2. Select "PIN"

On a Tablet/Phone:
1. Double tap the video of the person you want to pin
2. Select "PIN"

Using the PIN function makes that person's video bigger (like in "Speaker View") but you get to select which video to enlarge. This only affects your own view.


We will not have the option to "multi-pin" several people enabled for NYE Sea to Sea. "Multi-pin" has to be enabled by the host individually, person by person, and we do not have the volunteer bandwidth to accomplish that.